"The rhythmic system brings the nerve-sense system and the metabolic system into harmony."

- From "Complete Healing" by Michael Evans, M.D. and Iain Rodger

Complementary Arts


Stephanie is a Certified Reflexologist, a graduate of The Reflexology Association of Canada. She has been in private practice since 1986.

Stephanie's Reflexology treatments are a gently deep, yet NOT painful, massaging of the pressure points in your feet. This stimulates the circulation of energy to every part of your body and Inner Being. Each of the reflexes refers to specific parts of the body throughout the nerve-sense system, the rhythmic system and the metabolic-limb and glandular system.

These non-invasive treatments can be beneficial in restoring balance to numerous health conditions. They reduce tension and stress carried in the physical body as well - neck, shoulders, limbs and spine. As you relax into the treatment, tension falls away and this, in itself, is the greatest healer of all.

Giving yourself the gift of a 'moment in time' to leave worldly concerns and activities behind allows your nerve-sense system - the mind and its conscious thinking - the opportunity to 'quiet' itself. As your breathing deepens you are able to reconnect with your natural rhythm and centre in your Self. The rhythmic system - heart and lungs - does, in fact, house our own personal Inner Healer. The metabolic system and all its digestive processes can return to their normal functioning by 'resting'. Quite often people fall deeply asleep for a short period of time during the session and it is in sleep that the building up of restorative energy occurs.

Stephanie gives her treatments with a deeply focused and meditative presence in a peaceful and calm setting, with classical music as a background enhancement. She also offers the alternative of coming to your home instead. Her 'Home Visits' make it possible for you to reap the benefits of her peacefully relaxing treatments without the stress of travelling either before or after. She brings her healing touch and her music with her....

Stephanie invites you to call for more insight into these heavenly treatments, session scheduling and fees. The sessions last from an hour to two hours depending on your particular needs and, of course, your choice.