"The person who holds to the moral principle of the good of all, will, in all his actions, first ask what his ideals contribute to this good of all."

From "The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner


Stephanie Barwick, T.A., C.R.
Artist, Astrologer, Reflexologist, Teacher

"Art Inspiring Life"

Call: 416-686-2538

email: stephanie@artinspiringlife.ca

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Scheduling for "The Journeys" and "Group Dynamics"

"The Journeys” – Private Sessions (one/two people or couples)

These sessions are arranged for a mutually compatible time on a rhythmic once a week basis Monday through Saturday, days or evenings (under special circumstances on Sunday as well).

"The Journeys" can also be facilitated as Private Sessions in your own home.

"Workshops" (for one/two people or couples)

One day "Workshops" are offered on request to provide you with an experience of any one of the mediums for "The Journeys".

"Group Dynamics" (maximum 7 people)

"Meeting Life’s Challenges", “Open Door Studio”, "Channeling Your Creative Fire", "Life After Retirement" and "Guiding Lights" are facilitated out in the community with you, your organization or centre providing the space for the group. The details of space requirements, rental fees (if any) and fees for the sessions themselves would need to be discussed.

One day "Workshops" are given for small groups in any one of the mediums of Conte Charcoal and Pastel, Wet on Wet Watercolour or Clay Sculpting. Please call for information about the Content of the Workshop, which medium, date, time, location and fees.