"Through all of conscious human evolution, truth, beauty, and goodness have been regarded as the three great ideals of humankind... the lofty characteristics of human striving."

From "Art as Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner and Michael Howard”

"Group Dynamics"

"Guiding Lights"

Colour Consciousness, Spiritual Evolution
and Personal Growth

We all try to live in accordance with the ideals and principles of our Spiritual beliefs, acknowledging that "Love is Divine Power". To be 'love in action' with one another in all relationships and circumstances takes practice – lots of practice!

"Guiding Lights" is an Artistic Process based on the Chakra system which assists us in living our Faith in a more consciously enlivened way. Each Chakra has a specific consciousness inherent in it, Truths that interweave with our Spiritual beliefs.

The 8 Chakras are centres in our body that pulse with a particular energy vibration circulating the Life Force or Prana throughout our being. Whether these are active, dormant or blocked determines how filled with Life energy we feel, how engaged we are in Life itself. Using the medium of wet on wet watercolour and various painting exercises we journey through the colours of the Chakra system, focusing on one colour in depth each week. As we focus on each colour, the Chakras are stimulated and begin to vibrate more intensely, filling us with a feeling of renewal.

How does this happen? When the eye is flooded with the vibrancy of a colour a message is sent through the brain to a central Soul/Heart place within us sparking a response in the Chakra the colour resonates with.

Until we become more consciously aware of the effects of colour, they reside in us with an emotional life of their own. "Living in Colour" stimulates our life force, activates our awareness of colour which, in turn, influences our daily life. We attune to why we like some colours and have an aversion to others. The latter represent 'blocks' in our psyche that usually require healing and opening in order to allow the energy to move through our being unimpeded. The wet on wet watercolour medium therapeutically assists this to happen naturally, gently lifting issues to the surface and easing them out of our way allowing us to breathe more freely and with a more open-hearted expression of self.

This journey is a profound experience. In awakening the Creative Spirit, who knows what may be born as our Inner Artist comes to life. We most certainly find ourselves living life more creatively and with a more enlightened perspective.


This consciousness-raising creative experience is for a group of 6 or seven people with you providing the space. The fee is flexible and is based on the circumstances of the people wishing to participate. The course duration is 3 hours/week for 8 weeks with an Art Show the 9th week. This process can also be done with Egg Tempera, an oil based watercolour medium used by the Masters of long ago. Please ask for more insight into this wonderful medium.