"Perception through the heart perceives the universe of goodness. Through the heart, we perceive the good that is the other person.

- From "The Power of Soul – Living the Twelve Virtues" by Robert Sardello

"Group Dynamics"

For groups of 6 or 7 people

Sharing these creative journeys with others broadens our perspective and inspires us to "see with new eyes", not only ourselves but "the other" as well. We reach beyond ourselves to an appreciation of each person in their individual process, which is quite uniquely different from ours.

The group dynamic also gives us a feeling of being a part of the whole. It awakens in us the recognition that we are 'all one humanity' sharing life's experiences each in our own way. It nurtures in us the qualities of acceptance, non-judgment and inclusiveness of others out in the world itself. We are all in this life together and each of us has a story to tell.