"The quality of our lives is enhanced simply by being inwardly active in an art, irrespective of outer results."

From "Art as Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner and Michael Howard

"Group Dynamics"

"Life After Retirement"

An opportunity for exploring new horizons –
a freedom space alive with exciting possibilities!

Reopen the door into your creative space! What better way to cross the threshold of this major junction point in your life? So many years have been spent working for others, following a routine, and putting your own interests aside. Now you have the opportunity to discover who you are without the restrictions and responsibilities of the work world needing to be met. You are now free to reengage in your life. Why creativity? Creativity arouses and inspires the imagination, encouraging us to make choices that step outside the bounds of rigid structures. Quite possibly, somewhere along the line your artistic abilities were shelved, blocked or shut down completely. Reawakening the dormant creative spirit does have an uplifting affect on every aspect of our life.

During this process, we'll spend three weeks with each of the mediums of Conte charcoal and pastel, wet on wet watercolour, and clay sculpting. As we release and awaken our creative impulses any inhibitions or fears we may have around being creative will dissolve. Our explorations will reflect the specific relationship each medium bears on how we think (Conte charcoal and pastel), feel (wet on wet watercolour) and will to do (clay sculpting).

As we proceed from week to week, you 'll begin to experience a change in how you approach and view life. This, in turn, will enhance how you choose to go forward into the future – the choices you'll make to create your "Life after Retirement".


9 weeks – 3 hrs/week

This experience gives you a taste of each of the mediums used in “Drawing into the Elements”, “Painting Soul Moods", and “Sculpting with Intention”. Perhaps, your interest will be piqued enough to delve deeper into each of these Journeys in their full focus.

As with all "Group Dynamics", you provide the space for a group of 6 to 7 people. Fees are negotiable and depend on the circumstances of those participating. Some of the material costs will be included in the fees. (All fees are to be paid in advance; but, can be paid in two installments if necessary.)