"Creativity is an ongoing flow within us and around us to which we can all open if we are willing to let down our guard."

- Ann Cashman (Yoga Journal Sept-Oct 1991)

From "Art as Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner and Michael Howard

Group Dynamics

"Meeting Life's Challenges"

The Art of Living in Colour

For seniors and adults

In "Meeting Life's Challenges" we free and/or awaken the inner artist or creative spirit, overcoming fears and inhibitions along the way. We focus on the colours of the prismatic spectrum and their corresponding energy centres exploring one colour in depth each week using various painting exercises and the medium of wet on wet watercolour.

The painting exercises are specifically chosen to create harmony and balance within a person's core mood and to encourage a feeling of well-being. It is the actual doing of the painting itself that brings about this inner activity. Another aspect of this process is directed towards stimulating the ability to make more creative choices in daily life from different points of view. Emphasis is placed on appreciating the inner qualities, rather than criticizing the imperfections. The Artists see their individuality and very unique beauty emerging through their paintings and this, in turn, reinforces self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.

This colour process works for any group dynamic - Retirement Homes, Church Groups, or Residences for those living with physical disabilities. Living with disabilities can be very soul depleting. Wet on wet watercolour, from a therapeutic point of view, is soul replenishing. We all need to live with a more colour-filled and creative approach to life.

Location: You provide the space for a class size of 6 people maximum (details of the necessary requirements to be discussed)
Sessions: 8 weeks – 1 1/2 hours - 3 hours/week (relative to participants’ capacities) plus 2 hours for set up and clean up time
Art Show: (Optional) Held the week following the completion of the 8-week program
Fee: Negotiable for Non-Profit Charitable Organizations
Otherwise, the fee is per person and will include the cost of watercolour paper and some of the other necessary materials. The amount will depend on the circumstances of the people involved and whether there is a rental fee required for space.

Please note: Fees are to be paid in advance.


"The exploration into the various chakras and their corresponding colours has brought me a level of serenity and peace of mind that has been sorely missed from my otherwise frenzied life. Incredibly, I have learned some very different levels of perceiving the textures brought about by the blending of the colour in this fascinating manner. Getting to know about myself through such close interaction with the others in the class brought me into a warmer feeling of community despite the isolating situations I have been undergoing personally in the last few months."
Helen Posno (St. Joseph House)

"I have just completed Stephanie Barwick’s "Living in Colour" art course for the second time, and I am very happy to recommend this course to anyone interested in finding creative expression through watercolour and at the same time learning more about themselves. Thanks to Stephanie’s guidance, I found that I experienced a renewal of spirit and a sense of personal growth. She also made me more aware of how colours affect our sources of energy and our well-being."
Iris Jacobs (St. Anne’s Place)

"Time brings the need for adjustments to life patterns and I am drawn to an inner journey searching for healing and true identity. Creativity is a vital part of my journey with Parkinson’s disease.
And, then, there is Stephanie Barwick...
Stephanie taught me about paint and paper, brushes and colours at the same time gently leading me to see with new eyes and manifest my inner self in a painting. As my hand allows instinct to move the brush and intuition to mix the colours, faces and places, images or animals appear, the imagery a gift from my soul and each new creation healing to my spirit. Walking by my side on this journey is Stephanie, steadfastly guiding, encouraging, listening, helping me open the doors so I can live in colour. May others be so blessed."
Rosemary Craig (St. Anne’s Place)

"The art course was just excellent, especially for a beginner like me. You really covered the basics of watercolour brilliantly, step by step – colour, mixing, brush manipulation, etc. For me, it was quite a novel and fun experience plus, it felt good to be creating something which expressed myself as a person. I now feel that I can carry on with this new, relaxing hobby, do some experimenting on my own and continue to see the fascinating world of colour in ways that I had never thought of before. I thank you for your patience, hard work and genuine caring about us as people who can use art as a way of relaxing and self-awareness."
Sincerely, Catharine Miller (St. Anne’s Place)