"In order to meet the requirements of evolution, humankind must achieve an expansion of consciousness with regard to all domains of life."

From "Art as Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner and Michael Howard


Our Life is a journey and we are its co-creators.
We are all striving souls, Spirit embodied,
journeying through Life's experiences and challenges.

"Art Inspiring Life" focuses on creativity as a conscious activity for motivating and transforming our life through the use of various mediums and artistic processes. These creative journeys inspire and encourage spiritual evolution and personal growth, assist in the release of unresolved issues, and give a way of viewing life and living life with a much more creative and perceptive perspective.

Awakening and nourishing our Creative Spirit and the playfulness of our Inner Child are the Keys. The blocks that were instilled, often long ago, stand in the way of our forward movement, both spiritually and personally. As we engage in these creative explorations we undergo a renewal of Self which carries over into our daily lives. Our creations mirror our inner process, progress and metamorphosis in visual art forms.

No artistic background is necessary at all. Yet, if you are a practicing artist, "Art Inspiring Life" can add a stimulating new dimension to your present creations.