"Light and darkness permeate our existence, our planet, our universe and both are indispensable to our well-being."

- From "Colour in Relationship to Soul and Spirit" by Lois Schroff

"We live in the midst of her (nature) and are foreign to her. She speaks unceasingly to us and does not betray her secret. Human beings are all within her and she within all human beings."
- Goethe

From "The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner

The Journeys

"Drawing into the Elements"

Black and White Conte Charcoal
Still Life Drawing

The very forgiving nature of Conte Charcoal sets in motion the process of freeing creative expression and of overcoming fears, blocks and inhibitions. Our Imagination is sparked! The Still Life Drawing develops self-confidence and a strengthened perception of self. A new dimension of awareness dawns with the realization of how interconnected with nature we really are; how light and darkness are interweaving activities both in nature and in ourselves.

Attuning to how Nature's four elements (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth) live in us, so intimately entwined with our temperament, assists us in finding a more balanced and integrated manifestation of self. These mediums also help to calm and focus our mind. We begin "THINKING more creatively and consciously" about our life and how we are co-creators in life itself. We reawaken our innate desire to live in harmony with nature, inwardly and outwardly.


10 weeks - 2 hrs/week for 6 weeks - Conte Charcoal
           2 hrs/week for 4 weeks - Still Life


"I was delighted to play with conte, colours, and clay, exploring new techniques, enjoying creative surprises. The process of creatively focusing on past and present experiences and shaping images has helped me to understand past hurts, to transform and heal them."
- Hanna