"Self-directed transformation is necessary for the realization of human potential."

- From "Art as Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner and Michael Howard

The Journeys

"Empowerment through Creative Expression"

"Independent Journey"

This "Independent Journey" is for those who have suffered mental, emotional or physical abuse and who are taking responsibility for growing and evolving through the karmic experiences of Life. We explore a specific issue needing some resolve using the mediums of conte, wet on wet watercolour and clay to creatively illuminate, transform and release this obstacle so we can move forward more freely. Each week you, yourself, choose the medium that best serves the next step.

Stepping back, we view the event that 'shattered our innocence' and look at this subjective occurrence from an objective perspective. By seeing our self "in the picture but from a distance" develops perceptual clarity and assists us in reaping the wisdom inherent in the experience. We are then able to move onward much more open-heartedly willing to embrace Life. We reaffirm our individuality, our power of choice, and our courage to "have a voice" – attributes which further us in attaining our highest potential.


10 weeks – 2 hrs/week

The first 2 weeks we become acquainted with the three mediums
- your choices for developing your "Independent Journey".

  • Black and White Conte Charcoal and Pastels
  • Wet on Wet Watercolour
  • Clay Sculpting