"Once we have a living sense of the truth of our being, we are compelled to face the realm of courage. When the truth of our being is experienced, then the soul quality of courage will emerge."

- From "The Power of Soul Living the Twelve Virtues" by Robert Sardello

"The Journeys"

Private Sessions for one/two people or couples

"The Journeys" through the mediums of Conte/Still Life, Watercolour and Clay along with their particular themes are for one or two people or, in the case of "Nurturing Your Relationship", for couples of any persuasion.

This "one on one" focus allows for greater privacy in revealing your issues – something you would not feel comfortable doing in a group dynamic. Through this intimacy, you are able to delve more deeply into your own process of development, healing and growth – and at your own pace.

Spiritually, we are all at a different place in our soul's evolution and the private sessions allow you to be where you, personally, are at in your journey.