"From a spiritual perspective every relationship we develop serves the purpose of helping us to become more conscious. Relationships are spiritual messengers which bring into our lives - and we into theirs - revelations about our own strengths and weaknesses."

- From: "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Carolyn Myss

The Journeys

"Nurturing Your Relationship"

Creative Journeys for Couples

As you create together, exploring any one of the above mediums and their particular focus, fresh insights about yourself and your partner begin to surface. Grow closer in your relationship – I to I – as you open to a renewed appreciation of one another through artistic expression.

Visually witness your individuality and your uniqueness mirrored in the art forms you each create. This is a very safe, non-intimidating and non-judgmental way to shine a light on your differences and to inspire a fresh clarity of perception and perspective about yourself in relation to the other. Enliven your partnership, your friendship, and your Love for one another by embarking on any one of these creative adventures.

"The Journeys"

"Drawing into the Elements": Conte Charcoal & Still Life 10 weeks – 2 hrs/week
"Painting Soul Moods": Wet on Wet Watercolour 9 weeks – 2 hrs/week
"Sculpting with Intention": Clay Sculpting 10 weeks – 2 hrs/week
(plus an 11th week – 1 hr)

See above for descriptions of each of these journeys.


"I was told by an energy healer that I would benefit from exploring colour and art as part of energetic changes that were occurring within me. A day later my partner, Betty, and I met Stephanie. I did not ignore this obvious synchronicity. Together we painted our way to a beautiful experience of growth and clarity. I would recommend to anyone who is called, to experience this subtle and powerful learning experience."
- Rob Jarvis

"The watercolour chakra process opened up channels of communication between Raymond and me. It illustrated our own individual patterns of behaviour and how these interact and ways of creatively working with these became very evident. These new insights stay with us and we use them every day in our interactions with each other. I, personally, made great strides towards overcoming my inability to complete projects."
- Lindsay Karabonow