"The element of colour is fundamentally flowing and alive, and our souls live in it.

The essential thing is to know how to open our souls to what speaks to us out of colour."

- From "Colour" by Rudolf Steiner

The Journeys

"Painting Soul Moods"

Wet on Wet Watercolour

The wonderfully fluid movements of wet on wet watercolour encourage us to flow with our natural rhythm and give us a timeless space in which to breathe. The focus of this journey is an in-depth exploration of the dynamics and consciousness of the colours of the 8 chakras, energy centres in our body. We live in the colours of our soul, which have an emotional life of their own until we consciously engage with them. We awaken to a new relationship between colour and our soul mood.

This journey also helps in releasing emotional tension and stress and in dissolving emotional wounds. An inner harmony is restored in our Soul. As our world becomes more colour-filled, we begin to open up and share ourselves with more FEELING, Inspiration, and freedom of expression. We are meant to be 'beings' of colour!


9 weeks – 2 hrs/week


"This has been an incredibly enriching, dynamic, and well-supported journey with colour – first, through my senses and emotions, then, in connection to my inner process. It has opened me to a whole new range of colour exploration, awareness, understanding, and playfulness, which continues to live in my life and my art."
- JK

" The painting process with Stephanie was a major step in completing my decade-long recovery journey and battle with bi-polar disorder. The process helped me confront certain issues of the past that I knew were there but never wanted to deal with. Stephanie, as a teacher, is deep, thoughtful, caring and compassionate. Those qualities were crucial in helping me bridge the gap with my past, accept the present and see the future in a different light and in all new ways. Thank you again."
- Youssef Camara

"Stephanie's guidance while exploring and tuning in to the magic and power of colour helped me to break free of old patterns and open myself to new possibilities. Her intuition, humour, compassion and acceptance make her a gifted teacher/healer as well as a generous participant in the process. Doing the watercolour process was a liberating and life-changing experience for me - and, it was a lot of fun, too! Also, her reflexology treatments are deeply relaxing and promote a calm sense of well-being."
- Ruth

"I felt a calling to explore my relationship with colour, my chakras and the interconnection of the two. I was able to experience weekly the effects of the colour and the chakra we had just worked with and to see how it was present in my everyday life. I became more aware of my attachments and aversions to certain colours and how that played out in the balance or imbalance of my chakra system. I truly recommend this course for anyone who wants to enhance their path and awareness of energy and power in their life."
- Betty Natale