"The dynamic language of form is the language of human spirit, mirroring directly the qualities of inner life."

- From "Art as Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner and Michael Howard

The Journeys

"Sculpting With Intention"

Clay Sculpting

The powerful 'down to earth' medium of Clay Sculpting enables a revelation and illumination of what lies hidden in the body's memory, of what may possibly be hindering forward movement in our life. With our hands literally in the earthiness of the clay, we shape in three-dimensional form the threads of our past, seeing how these are intertwined with "who" we have become at this present 'moment' in time. With a more dynamically grounded awareness and acceptance of self, it is now possible to engage more effectively in life as we step forward to meet the future.

Clay Sculpting empowers our WILL 'to do' and to manifest our dreams and deeds with purposeful intention, more intuitively guided by Creative Spirit. Within the clay of the earth a form is already present waiting to be brought to manifestation through us. We are the co-creators of our life's endeavours.


10 weeks – 2 hrs/week and 1 hr/11th week


"I was thrilled that I trusted my instincts and entered into the process of Sculpting with Intention  with Stephanie. Through her guidance and the sharing of her own experiences, I had the courage and freedom to explore the medium of clay as a transformative process to wholeness. Through the process of co-creation, I was able to experience that which activates the clay hidden in the memory of my chakras. It was my journey to uncover and transform what was "blocking" my life. The process continues to give me clarity in the energy centres that need more awareness so that I can empower my own healing. Of all the courses I've taken on this path, this particular one gave me more insight into my relationship with myself and others and more understanding of co-creation. Thank you, Stephanie."
- Elizabeth Natale

"My ongoing wish for self-awareness led me to set my fears and inhibitions aside – to take a leap of faith in myself and the artistic process. Exploring the colour chakras and 3-D form was a joyful and awakening experience. Thank you, Stephanie."
- Maureen Dwyer