"Creativity is an essential part of being human, a vital force without which we can exist, but not truly live."

- Ann Cashman (Yoga Journal Sept-Oct 1991)

From "Art as Spiritual Activity" by Rudolf Steiner and Michael Howard

Stephanie's Background

Stephanie studied with Regine Kurek at Arscura - School for the Exploration and Development of Art in the Healing and Social Fields Art Therapy Foundation Program from 1999 - 2002. "Art Inspiring Life" is based on Rudolf Steiner's "Art as Spiritual Activity".

Stephanie has been in private practice since 2002 guiding and counseling adults on a one-on-one/two basis with regard to their spiritual and personal growth issues using various artistic processes.

She works with the therapeutic qualities of conte charcoal, wet on wet watercolour, egg tempera and clay sculpting using the medium most appropriate for meeting and addressing the unique personal needs of each individual - mind, soul and body. She also co-creates with people seeking guidance along their spiritual path who are looking for purpose, healing and direction. The spiritual path has been a significantly integral part of Stephanie's life since 1961.

In 2006, Stephanie began bringing her artistic offerings to small groups of seniors and adults out in the community. Her specialized focus and passion is in guiding people living with a wide range of mental, emotional and physical challenges to find “empowerment through creative expression".

At that time, she facilitated several groups at St. Joseph House, a drop-in centre in the downtown core, in “The Art of Living in Colour”. From there she went on to Ste. Anne’s Place, a residence of LOFT Community Services, with her program “Meeting Life’s Challenges – Open Door Studio”.

After a brief hiatus, during which time she took the Self-Employment Development Program given at the YMCA, she again began teaching “Meeting Life’s Challenges – Open Door Studio” at various long term care residences.

She has since brought this program to Elm Grove Living Centre, facilitating a group there for a year and a half. She is currently guiding two groups at Leisureworld St. George and one group at Leisureworld O’Connor Gate, each on an ongoing basis.

She has an extensive background in the meditative art of the Mandala which she, herself, used for many years as a creative medium for healing various personal past traumas. Her wisdom, compassion and love for others has arisen out of the further transformation of her own life experiences inspired by the Anthroposophically-based artistic processes she now teaches.